April Desktop Freebie…Finally!!!

Well, even though it is not 100%, I got enough to work on this computer to make a desktop! I tell you what, if I even get an extra bit of money, the first thing I want to do is my a decent computer!!! Anyone want to donate? Ha! Just kidding…
I hope you enjoy the desktop…I enjoyed making it, especially after a lengthy absence from scrapping! Since I make these desktops for my personal computer screen, the resolution is 1280×1024. Please leave a comment with what your resolution is on your desktop and I’ll see what the most popular sizes are and try to keep that in mind in the future!
This desktop was made with Raspberry Road Designs Country Sunshine Add-on Kit, and a calendar from Sueli Colbert Designs. The rabbit, I downloaded and altered, but there wasn’t any designer info with it, so I have no idea who it’s from! If I figure it out, I’ll post a comment later! I hope you enjoy this little taste of spring for your desktop!

Download HERE

Thanks again for visiting! Hopefully I’ll get these computer bugs ironed out and scrap more soon!!!


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