Happy International Scrapbook Day!!!

     Don’t forget to download your May Desktop Freebie! I really wanted to make something to celebrate International Scrapbook Day, but my computer doesn’t allow me to do anything but scrap…the other functions are evidently too hard for it to handle, since it’s ancient. So, no extracting for me 😦   
     Hopefully, you will enjoy a little beach break every time you sit down to your desk! Happy International Scrapbook Day!!!

I used products from the following designers to scrap this freebie, make sure you look them up!
(Shoeshoe and TexasHero fonts), papers, net, and shells from a collaboration of designers at Boutique Digiscrap, sand from EloDesigns, papers from Raspberry Road Designs and AzurScrap, and Alpha and drawn heart by Danielle Corbitt.

May Desktop Freebie!!

It’s nearly the end of the month, and you know what that means! Time for a new desktop freebie! My computer acted like a stubborn child pitching a fit, but I finally got the May Desktop Freebie made!

I’ve had spring fever for a while now, even though it is still holding in the high 40s and low 50s around here. We have daffodils and tulips blooming everywhere, but all I can think about is the beach. It’s too cold for me to spend the time I want to at the lake right now, so I decided to dig up some coastal inspired things for this freebie, so it would at least be on my desktop! The resolution of the freebie is 1280×1024, but it should work in other resolutions as well.
It never ceases to amaze me how generous digital scrappers and designers are! I apologize for not having links for the credits, but I’m sure if you search (especially the freebie lists) you can find them all. So, since I have no other news at the moment…here’s your freebie! I hope it can be a mini escape for you throughout your day…find an inner place where you can follow your bliss.

I used products from the following designers to scrap this freebie, make sure you look them up!

(Shoeshoe and TexasHero fonts), papers, net, and shells from a collaboration of designers at Boutique Digiscrap, sand from EloDesigns, papers from Raspberry Road Designs and AzurScrap, and Alpha and drawn heart by Danielle Corbitt.

For Today…April 27th Daybook

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Outside my window… the sun is peeking over the horizon. It’s early and I’ve already gotten Rob up, fed, and out to school, and the trash out for pick up.
I am thinking… about digging out my easel and paints again. I feel like I have something that needs to get out, and the only way I know how to do that is to create…But I feel like my creativity is behind a dam deep inside. I can’t explain it any better than that. I feel like the dam is weakening, but I don’t know how to help it along…
I am thankful for… my husband. He is so nurturing and supportive. I don’t know what I would do without his encouragement.
I am wearing… still in my jammies 🙂
I am going… around in circles…figuratively, emotionally, and creatively. Ever feel that way, or am I alone here?
I am currently reading…The Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd
From the learning rooms… my husband is doing so well in his classes! I can’t say enough how proud I am. Though I’m not attending school, Life is my “learning room” and I am still trying to figure out where I am and what I’m doing…which causes that feeling of  “oh-no-there’s-a-pop-quiz!” to reoccur all day, every day
I am hoping…for a creative revolution…soon
Noticing that… most of the time, I have no idea exactly who I am. It’s as though I am missing and can’t find myself.  I wonder if I would even I recognize myself if I saw my picture on a milk carton…  Do I feel this way  because I care too much about other peoples’ opinion of me?
Pondering these words… there’s a quoted line from a play called Julian that Mrs. Kidd included in her book that I am currently reading… 
“Though many thought she had lost her wits, I knew she had found her soul.”
Isn’t that beautiful? I want to be that free…to find my soul.
I am hearing… an inner voice, too quiet to distinguish just yet.
From the kitchen… I’ve been baking a lot lately, but for now, I’m having some cereal with a banana and strawberries. I made Rob a tomato and sautéed onion omelet with a side of fruit. Enjoying my coffee right now 🙂
Around the house…laundry to do, dishes to wash, and books to read…but I got the trash out on time!
One of my favorite things… watching nature happen. I love the flowers blooming now, and the birds chirping. My favorite place is always going to be the beach. Watching the waves and the sea gulls always makes me feel better.
A few plans for the rest of the week: I think this week, the plan is to have no plan, and see how that goes. I feel restless and I think I just need to blow where the wind takes me.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing… my favorite place…the beach. This one happens to be Edisto Beach, SC, from a trip I took there in March of 2009.

In Honor of Earth Day!

Hello All! In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos. Some I took a while ago, some are more recent and taken with my cell phone. I’m not going to go on about recycling or anything…I’m not fanatical. The simple fact is that, no matter your political leanings, or whatever it is that drives you, everyone should care about taking care of our planet.

My mother always taught us about The Golden Rule. You know, it doesn’t just have to apply to other people…  treat the Earth as you would want to be treated. It’s just that simple 🙂

OK, there’s my soap box…now, go forth and enjoy this beautiful place we call home!

Taken on a walk in North East, PA…the town, not the region (you wouldn’t believe how much I have to explain that!)

A bird nest we happened upon while Geocaching. Note to self, write a post about that hobby.

 Pilot Mountain in North Carolina, last fall.
I love picking berries! This was taken July 2009 at The Happy Berry Farm in Central, SC.
Sunrise on Folly Beach, SC. Doesn’t look like it, but it was February and it was cold!
Apples growing at a local farm here in North East. Burch Farms I believe.
Waves crashing on Edisto Beach, SC, taken March 2009.
The Angel Oak near Edisto and Charleston South Carolina. The perfect example of our amazing planet.
I made this collage of favorite Edisto memories for my best friend. I believe the template is by Jen Caputo. Photos are all mine though 🙂
And Finally…
I realized I haven’t shared one single page of my own on this blog! Since the beach is my favorite place to be, and it is Earth Day, I decided to share this one. I hope you enjoy these photos…I hope they help you remember your favorite things about our planet. I also hope you have a wonderful Earth Day!

For Today…My Simple Woman’s Daybook

outside my window… the sun is stretching her legs, and the world is waking up.
i am thankful... that God gave us a long while with our turtle Humphrey, but we will miss him.
I am wearing…my jammies…it’s early for me! Might even go back to bed for a nap!
noticing that… I haven’t been as creatively active as I would like lately.
i am reading… The Dance of the Dissident Daughter, by Sue Monk Kidd
on my mind… we should really cherish every moment with those we love.
pondering these words… from a fellow blogger’s post…”later never existed” -unknown-
from the kitchen… Wild Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal and coffee…mmmm..
around the house… it’s a little quiet, nothing much going on this early.
one of my favorite things… dandelions and other surprise flowers…too pretty to be called weeds 🙂
i’m creating… well, I should maybe I will do a page today.
 a few plans for the rest of the week… dishes, laundry, and keeping up with my strength training…boy are my abs screaming!

picture thought for the day…  one of my quiet spots, when it isn’t too cold to sit there for a while, is this local beach on the lake. Serene…

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Banana Muffins!

     So, I decided to be extra domestic today and bake something! I have had some bananas sitting on the counter for a while now and decided the muffins weren’t going to make themselves. Luckily, I had everything required and didn’t have to walk to the market. Don’t get me wrong…I love my walks, but I don’t like doing it carrying groceries, unless I have to! Besides, the exercise comes after the muffin indulging, right?
     Anyway. I even had cutie little pastel muffin cups! I hate that the pictures aren’t better though. I really did get my camera out and become a food stylist…really I did. But then I remembered I have NO way of getting the pictures off the camera and onto the computer because of the many issues this computer is experiencing.        
     So…I had to settle for taking these pictures with my cell phone and sending them to Facebook. I took a lot of pictures today that are going to have to live in my camera for a while…guess I’ll have to make sure I have my cell phone attached to my hip for sure from now on if I want to share anything! In other words…please excuse the low quality photos!
     I have to say, the Banana Muffins were pretty good! Even better with a little butter and cream cheese! Baking always makes me feel better, and today was especially nice with the sun coming in through the open windows. Rob is going to be a happy boy when he gets home!
     I think I’ll share my recipe…so be on the look out for a free recipe card soon!

For Today…

For Today…
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Outside my window… beautiful, but slightly chilly. At least it isn’t cold enough to stop the daffodils!
I am thinking… what to scrap today…I have beach on the brain!
I am thankful for…friends. You know who you are!
I am wearing… jeans and my favorite too-big long sleeve tee. Is there anything better than your favorite shirt?
I am going… to have to make banana bread soon. Especially since my husband was hinting around for it 🙂
I am currently reading…7 Kinds of Smart: Identifying Your Many Intelligences by Thomas Armstrong
From the learning rooms… did I mention how proud I am of my husband? He is doing so well in his classes! He made a 100% on his first algebra test, and a 96.2% on his first Theory test! I am SO proud!
I am hoping…that it warms up enough for my jogs. Even though I like my DVD workout, I feel a lot better when I get to jog.
Noticing that… I am really hard on myself in a whole host of ways. Also, that I should fix that, and that is harder than you’d ever think it would be. Maybe art therapy will help…scrap therapy to be specific!
Pondering these words… “You are fine exactly the way you are. Your curves, words, flows, strengths, thoughts. You don’t need to change. You aren’t ugly, fat, stupid, or worthless. You are you.” ~unknown
I need to tape this to my mirror, fridge, and walls 🙂
I am hearing… Wayne Brady, making deals. I still haven’t decided if I like this show…
From the kitchen…well, I believe I am going to fire up the oven for some banana bread!
Around the house…I actually got the boxes broken down! I have more room, and light coming in through the window. More room to fill with the smell of baking!
One of my favorite things…the way my cat stares out the window after the car when Rob heads out for the day. Loves her Daddy…and its precious!
A few plans for the rest of the week: well, I should rearrange the closet and dresser. Other than that, I need to get back to my digital scrapbooking. These slow computer problems are killing me! I can’t extract, but I can make layouts. I need to make something! Oh, and exercise. I said I’d stick too that… 
A picture I’m sharing... this is my sweet baby girl, Pumpkin. This was before we moved, so not her current window seat, but it was very becoming of her, so I thought it fit 🙂