For today…The Simple Woman’s Day Book

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Outside my window… cloudy and cooling off, but nice!
I am thinking… about how proud I am of my husband. He’s back in school after 15 years and doing SO well! 
I am thankful for… little things, like the pretty little purple flowers in the sidewalk cracks in front of my house.
I am wearing… yoga pants and a tee…I got a short 1/2 mile jog in before the rain!
I am going… to make lunch soon…what to make?
I am currently reading…7 Kinds of Smart….not sure of the author right now, the book is upstairs (lazy!)
From the learning rooms… did I mention my husband is doing wonderfully in his classes? He’s doing so well in his algebra class (the one he was SO worried about) and even stayed after class today to help a classmate who’s having a hard time! I love my hubby!
I am hoping…that I can keep my resolve and really stick to my exercise commitments.
Noticing that… I am really hard on myself in a whole host of ways. Also, that I should fix that, and that is harder than you’d ever think it would be.
Pondering these words… When your heart speaks, take good note. ~Judith Campbell
I am hearing… my guilty pleasure, The Soaps. I like to listen to them while I surf online.
From the kitchen… nothing yet! I need to decide what I want for lunch!
Around the house… there’s laundry to do…yeah, I should do that…
One of my favorite things… walks on the beach and the things you find during your stroll.
A few plans for the rest of the week: break down the moving boxes I’ve emptied and put the away so I have them when I need them, but right now… making lunch, walk the dog, wash, rinse, repeat!
Here is picture for thought I am sharing… this isn’t my picture…but it looks a lot like the little flowers that are blooming here in North East, and they always make me smile on my walks!
A purple flower. Pictures, Images and Photos

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