Banana Muffins!

     So, I decided to be extra domestic today and bake something! I have had some bananas sitting on the counter for a while now and decided the muffins weren’t going to make themselves. Luckily, I had everything required and didn’t have to walk to the market. Don’t get me wrong…I love my walks, but I don’t like doing it carrying groceries, unless I have to! Besides, the exercise comes after the muffin indulging, right?
     Anyway. I even had cutie little pastel muffin cups! I hate that the pictures aren’t better though. I really did get my camera out and become a food stylist…really I did. But then I remembered I have NO way of getting the pictures off the camera and onto the computer because of the many issues this computer is experiencing.        
     So…I had to settle for taking these pictures with my cell phone and sending them to Facebook. I took a lot of pictures today that are going to have to live in my camera for a while…guess I’ll have to make sure I have my cell phone attached to my hip for sure from now on if I want to share anything! In other words…please excuse the low quality photos!
     I have to say, the Banana Muffins were pretty good! Even better with a little butter and cream cheese! Baking always makes me feel better, and today was especially nice with the sun coming in through the open windows. Rob is going to be a happy boy when he gets home!
     I think I’ll share my recipe…so be on the look out for a free recipe card soon!

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