For Today…June 29th-ish

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Outside my window: it is getting dark. I love the long days of summer when it isn’t really dark outside until 9-ish!
I am hearing: the TV. My poor hubby has had a tummy bug and he’s been in his recliner all day. Yeah, commercials are always louder than the shows…did you know the Monster Trucks are coming to Erie, PA?!
I am wearing: jeans and my favorite gray long sleeve tee…and sandals. Strange, it usually rains when I wear my sandals, so today was a good day!
From the kitchen: thinking about an evening snack of popcorn, maybe a nectarine.
I am thankful for: the fact that North East wasn’t in the direct path of the funnel clouds that came through Sunday. We spent about 45 minutes in the basement, but thankfully for nothing.
I am going: to try to look on the bright side. I am reading that genetics predisposes my disposition but environment helps or hinders, so I will try to change it anyway.
Noticing that: I eat when I am bored or worried…and I tend to be either bored or worried. Why does it seem more difficult to lose weight now that I’m nearly 30, than it was when I was 20?
I am reading: States of Mind: New Discoveries about How Our Brains Make Us Who We Are edited by Roberta Conlan
From the learning rooms: Rob starts his new school term tomorrow…he made all As for his last term!
On my mind: money, family, health, friends…any and all of those in any configuration.
Quote for Thought:
One of my favorite things: my warm sleeping cat snuggled up to me while I read before bed.
I’m creating: hopefully a few scrapbook pages this week. I haven’t quite gotten my mojo back…still in a creative funk.
Around the house: laundry to fold, dishes to wash, the usual.
A few plans for the week: I will try start back with my routine…I need to get up earlier and get my house work out of the way before I even sit down at the computer because it is a vortex that steals your sense of time!
From my lens: My favorite reading buddy…this was a rare moment my baby girl decided to pose instead of be a ham in front of the camera!


July Desktop Freebie!!

Hello Everyone!

     I hope your summer is going well, and that you are taking time to relax! Since July is in the middle of summer, and summer usually means a trip to the beach, I went beachy this month! I hope you guys enjoy it! I’ve included two popular sizes, so I hope there is something that will work for everyone!
     Remember to slow down and collect a few sea shells this summer, ok! Click the link to download!!
Materials used from these awesome designers: Tiny Toes Designs templates, Created By Jill Designs, Noshay Designa, Mari Koegelenberg @ The Digi Chick, Manda Lane Scraps, Suzy Q Scraps, Melissa Bennett, Faith True, Lil’ Digi Bits by Jude Toone, Sara Schmutz, Kathy Winters Designs, and Jen Allyson. The font used was Hero for Fools.

An Origami Father’s Day Card

Father’s Day is upon us again! I usually make a digital card for such occasions, but I have no way to print them, so I decided to break out my (gasp!) traditional supplies! Yes…for the first time since February 2009 actually. I can’t believe it’s been that long! I didn’t want this card to be like the rest, so I thought I’d go 3D, like all the movies seem to be doing lately! No need for glasses, though, because I went origami style! I thought a shirt and tie would be SO cute, so I searched how-to’s and found a neat video from on YouTube, then I tweaked the idea and made it my own.

I went to the local scrap store here in town today (I’m posting about them tomorrow!) and amazingly spent under $2.00. I only needed paper. I ended up choosing a double patterned paper by Crate Paper from their Little Sprout Collection. I got two pieces, but I ended up only using one.

My supplies were:
1 white card stock 4×6 card with envelope
one piece patterned paper of choice
one Post-it (the color matched!)
choice of stamps, if stamping (I used stamps from
Hero Arts and Hampton Art’s Studio G)
Scotch Double-sided Tape
scissors & paper cutter
If it weren’t already practically Sunday, I would go through the folding process. If you guys are really interested, I may post the how to in a later post…so let me know if you are interested! For now, I’m posting pictures of the final product! I can’t tell you how great it felt to actually craft again. If I had the supplies, I probably would have made these in different patterns all day long! This card was SO much fun…I hope you like it as much as I did when I finished. I can’t wait to give this to my father-in-law tomorrow!
The top middle is the finished card. The other two pictures up top are just up close details. The lower left hand pic is what you see when you open the card, and the lower right hand shot is the front and back of the paper I chose from The Little Sprout Collection by Crate Paper.
The inside of the card reads:
“Anyone can be a father,
it takes someone
special to be a
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my excitement over crafting! I will work on a step by step how-to on this card for the curious people out there! Until then, have a wonderful Father’s Day with the Dad or Dads in your life! God bless!

New Challenge, New Page!

Hello all!
There’s a new challenge over at the Digital Scrapaholics Anonymous group on Facebook…and Macy let little ol’ me think it up! I must say, I was very excited to get the chance to come up with a scrapbook challenge all by myself! The brainstorming was fun, and what I came up with was a Title Challenge. The only real rule is to use a number as the main page title! The sky is the limit. If it’s a number, you can scrap a page about it! I decided to think outside the box and scrap about calories (of all things) but I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with! So, if you aren’t already a member, head over and join. And if you are, get to scrappin’!

Here’s the page I came up with…besides scrapping and household bills, calories seem to be something I think a lot about, so I decided to scrap it. The journaling reads:

“The recommended daily caloric intake for a woman is 1800. That’s 753 too much…in just one day.
Talk about a reality check! Most people eat this or worse in a “normal” day.
It’s no wonder America is overweight and unhealthy!
I used to eat like this, but no more!! I cut the fried food, sugary drinks, and huge portions.
I started exercising and feel so much better! Change is so worth it!”
Water stains by Katie Pertiet (recolored)
Paper by Deena Rutter, Hotel California Kit
Staples by Andilynn Designs
Journal Tabs by Danielle Corbitt Designs
When I Grow Up Alpha by The Scrapping Sisters
Arrows by Spencer Nugent, Sketchy Elements Vol.1
Font by Kevin and Amanda, Pea Squeaker
Food by Trine Secher, I Love NYC Day 8 Kit

For Today, June 15th

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Outside my window: it’s dark, and still warm. Summer is finally here.
I am hearing: the quiet of the house, and a few birds outside, though it’s very late…or early, depending on how you look at it!
I am wearing: one of my favorite old long sleeve tee shirts and some flannel pants.
From the kitchen: coffee…coffee…COFFEE!
I am thankful for: my friends. A long chat with a good friend is great therapy!
I am going: to start reading as much as I can about the mysterious human brain.
Noticing that: no matter how many positive comments there may be, it’s the negative one(s) that stick in your brain. Why is that?
I am reading: The Secret Language of the Mind by David Cohen
From the learning rooms: the book I am reading is SO interesting. I am reading about how the brain works, why we do or do not do things, and how consciousness and it’s many states work.
On my mind: I need to remember that I am my biggest critic, and should try seeing myself through someone else’s eyes; namely, those who care for me, and not those who don’t.
Quote for Thought: I need to remember this! “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.” ~Dr. Seuss
One of my favorite things: reading, reading, reading!
I’m creating: Yes, I am creating! I have been scrapping and playing in PSE this week.
Around the house: dishes to do, but I got a lot done today! The biggest thing was rearranging the garage in order to get our couch accessible. Selling it because we aren’t able to fit it in the house we moved to!
A few plans for the week: back to exercising after a day or two of rest, and at least some brainstorming for more pages. I think if I make little challenges for myself, I will keep the creativity flowing.
From my lens: I was playing around with editing photos, and this is one i came up with. These are the buttercups growing by my side door in one of our sunny spots. I like the pen &ink feeling I got from combining Poster Edge, Ink, and Diffused Glow!

copyright Melissa Sherbon Photography 2010

For Today…June 8th

For Today…
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Outside my window: it’s dark! I just remembered it’s Tuesday!
I am wearing: yoga pants and a tee shirt
From the kitchen:I had a bag of Natural Popcorn and some coffee for dinner, LOL!
I am thankful for: being given the chance to be a CT Member on my first CT Blog ever!
I am going: make sure I keep doing my workouts. I am also going to remind myself to take weight loss one day at a time.I did it once, I can do it again.
Noticing that: our government doesn’t seem to care about OUR oceans and natural treasures of coastal land nearly as much as they care about helping other countries when disaster hits. There’s something very wrong with that. At least the media is bringing attention to something that deserves it for once! Ok…soapbox put away now…
I am reading: The Family Markowitz by Allegra Goodman (it’s pretty good!)
From the learning rooms: Rob is still doing amazingly well in his studies! Straight A student!
On my mind: in the real world, dreams don’t come true over night…I need to learn to be patient.
Quote for Thought: “The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can’t.”
Christopher Paolini
One of my favorite things: finishing a digital scrapbook page that I am truly satisfied with in every way.
I’m creating: Just finished a page a few days ago, and I can’t wait to contribute my first page to my new CT blog!
Around the house: clothes to fold, dishes to was, towels to fold, things to rearrange…
A few plans for the week: Come up with some ideas for a new challenge on Digital Scrapaholics Anonymous!
Photo for Thought: It’s World Oceans Day, so I want to post a picture of my beloved ocean. I pray the oil be contained, then cleaned, so no more harm comes to her and the life she contains.
Edisto Beach, South Carolina

Awesome News and a Template Challenge!

Hi everyone! I am just floating on the clouds right now! I have been a member of Digital Scrapaholics Anonymous on Facebook for a while, and just love it. (If you haven’t been over there yet, WHAT are you waiting for?!) It’s a fabulous group for the love of digital scrapbooking. A place for people to share their pages and chat about their collective passion toward the hobby!
So, you can imagine how excited I was to become an administrator over at my favorite group! Not only that, I am now on Macy’s CT Team! I am just ecstatic and can’t wait to contribute to the group and the CT Blog! So, if you don’t already know the way, head on over to J&M Designs Blog and check them out!
Speaking of Digital Scrapaholics Anonymous…who doesn’t love a challenge? I think they really give the old  creative process a much needed jolt most of the time. Well, there is a challenge afoot over at the group and you are all invited to join in! Just head over to the group page, join, and then get to scrapping! It is a template challenge and I had a load of fun making my page. The template is by Tiny Toes Designs and it’s a great one! The link is on the group page or right here, so head on over and pick it up! The pages already posted are awesome, and we can’t wait to see more! I’ll close by sharing my page using the template…happy scrapping!

Credits: Faith True Designs: bubbles and acrylic water, Katie Pertiet: stains, Cali Designs: driftwood and paper for frame, Stapled tabs: Dizzy Scraps Designs, Bckgnd paper: Joyce Paul Designs, Alpha: altered “Red Kraft Alpha” by Designs by Kristine, Pea Lovey Dovey and Pea Alesa fonts: KevinandAmanda, Template: TinyToes Designs, and photo by me!