I have been having one heck of a creative dry spell. Maybe it’s the funk I’ve been in…that never fosters much creative gumption. Or it might be the fact that the computer I have to use is OLD and I haven’t been taking pictures, so I haven’t had much to scrap. Either way, I hadn’t made a page since mid March. That’s NOT good.
Anyway, a few weeks ago I was exploring a local shop with Rob and saw the most perfect pair of galoshes ever and snapped a picture with my cell phone. We were only window shopping, and I saw a lot of neat things. (Namely, they are my new favorite store because they have loads of used books at great prices!) But the thing I remember the most…the thing I look for in the window every time I pass now…is that perfect pair of polka dot galoshes! I am hoping that they will still be there next time I come across an extra $20 to blow on myself. That’s right…vintage galoshes in just my size for only $20.
Well, I believe everything happens for a reason, and I think I found those galoshes so I could get my creative juices flowing again! It took me a while, but I suddenly remembered I had some rain themed papers and elements that would be perfect! So, I  got to work yesterday and after a lot of playing I finally made a page! It was a big deal for me, so I thought I’d share it! Hopefully, this opened a flood gate for my creative juices! I will list the credits and journaling below the picture…I hope you enjoy it!
Page by Melissa Sherbon

“I’ve been exploring my new hometown in the afternoons. I just love all the little nooks and crannies of downtown! I saw these fabulous vintage boots in the local antique shop. I’m a fool for polka dots! They had quite a few different pairs in all shapes and sizes, but these were, by far, my favorites! Alas, I was only window shopping…but I hope they are still there when I have $20 to spend!”


template: Katie Pertiet, Papers:MissTina (HiHello Kit), Joyce Paul Designs, MissyBits (Splash of Spring), Tracie Stroud (Sunshine Song Kit), Katie Pertiet (journal tab), Sun: Tracie Stroud (sunshine Song Kit)Umbrella and rain drops: Raspberry Road Designs Alpha: Sweet Like Choclate by A Work in Progress Designs Fonts: Susie’s Hand and Socially Awkward


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