Beach Glass: My collection so far…

I have fallen in love with Beach Glass! Ok, it has a lot of names…beach glass, sea glass, lake glass, river glass. The name I see most for glass coming from a lake is Beach Glass, so that’s what I call mine! Anyway, I got my collection out today to add my latest finds, so I thought I’d organize and take a picture of my progress. I love it all, but the blues and aqua are my favorites. Of course, those are the hardest to find around here beside the ones I have yet to see at all (reds, yellows, oranges, purples, and pinks). I haven’t seen any marbles or any pieces that are distinguishable shapes either, but one can hope! I do have some cool beach pottery too…that’s always neat to find! I think my collection is pretty fair, seeing as I just got started in late April of this year!

I have seen people call it trash. I suppose that’s true, but I like to think of it a bit differently. I like to think that someone tossed what they thought was trash and the Earth took it and made a beautiful treasure for someone to find.

I am like a piece of beach glass…tossed by someone heartless, but tumbled, molded, and polished by time and The Divine into a colorful treasure, then washed up on the beach for someone worthy to find.

Thanks for stopping by today and sharing my collection!

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