For Today… August 22

Outside my window…it’s overcast and rainy, but hopefully I can get a walk in later.

I am wearing…yoga pants and a long sleeve tee.

I am thinking…about my phobias. It’s hard to have an irrational fear…especially one that most people don’t understand that hinders every aspect of life. Why is “Well, you just need to get over that” the first thing out of everyone’s mouth? Don’t you think I would change my brain if I could?

I am thankful for…for my husband. he supports he through everything. His picture should be displayed beside the definition of “For better or Worse” in the marriage dictionary!

From the kitchen…probably a fresh local peach and some greek yogurt. That’s my favorite snack right now!

I am creating…HA! Nothing right now. My computer is still being grumpy and I can’t scrap or anything. I have been doing some writing though…

I am readingHealing Mind, Healthy Woman: using the Mind-Body Connection to Manage Stress and Take Control of Your Life by Alice D. Domar, Ph.D, and Henry Dreher

From the learning rooms…just taking my reading further. I can’t seem to get enough reading material about how the brain works  and mind-body medicine lately!

I am hoping… that the wise people I confide in are right and confronting will help the anxieties subside.

I am hearing…the tv…I love PBS. Listening to a show about classic theme parks of America…and a lot of the ones they are featuring are in or near Pennsylvania!

I am going…give it my best and remember, that’s all I can do.

Around the house…well, I need to vacuum AGAIN (thanks to the freaking dog). Other than that, just the usual chores to keep the house running. I should probably decide what’s for dinner so I can be rounding up the things to prepare.

I am remembering…to breathe and use my tapping points when I begin to feel panicked or anxious. It isn’t always helping, but practice helps…right?

Quote to commit to memory… “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.” -John Allen Paulos  I need to print this on the inside of both palms!

A few plans for the week…well, house work! I also am doing pretty well keeping my exercise schedule. I am LOVING my Karen Voight Pilates!! I have a new part time job doing some writing, so that is first on the list.

One of my favorite things…is the fact my husband is so willing to comfort me. Even if I need to sob at 4 a.m. when he has school the next day.

Photo for Thought…if you know anything about me at all, you know I love the beach. One of my favorite places is Tybee Island, GA. I follow the Tybee Sea Turtle Project on Facebook and saw that they had another nest hatch today! All but two of the hatch-lings made it out to sea…ghost crabs were responsible for the two casualties. It’s sad but it’s nature I guess. At least the majority made it and will grow up to one day return to Tybee, Edisto, and Folly Beach to nest again! I wanted to share a turtle picture. Aren’t they the most amazing creatures?

This is a shot of one of the baby turtles from a nest on Tybee! Head over to the Tybee Turtle Project page to see more!

4 thoughts on “For Today… August 22

  1. Hi there! thanks so much for voting for Newman. this sweet turtle you have here is so adorable. also loved reading your list. great reminders for us ll to do the best we can with what we've got.xxL

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