Fruit and Thankfulness

A lot of my Southern friends will not know what I am talking about. This sort of thing only happens with the occasional fruit tree…more likely a berry bush in brambles on the roadside. I myself was surprised and filled with glee when I saw them there…just laying on the side of the road. Apples. Just growing wild on the side of a country road about four miles from my house!

My Smith Road wild apple tree…does that make them Smith Apples? My apple came from the tree!

I spotted them on the drive to my husband’s family reunion last Saturday, and he was sweet enough to remember how magical I thought they were. He took it upon himself to drive out to Smith Road and pick a fresh,wild apple for me!  He even snapped a shot of the tree and apples for me to blog about! How sweet is that? I know…I think he’s a keeper!

My very own hand picked wild apple!

And, since I wasn’t there to take pictures myself, I took my special apple outside in my yard for a photo shoot. (Yes, I’m crazy. I never said I wasn’t! Hey, at least you never know what to expect, you know?) My perfect husband, after fetching my apple, came home and started repairing my bicycle! (That’s him way in the back of the photo.)

My apple striking a pose, hehe!

Did I mention he’s a keeper? Well, he is. So, after enjoying my first bike ride in a long time (complete with my corny I Love My Bike bell) we halved our wild apple and enjoyed it with some peanut butter.

I must say, it was the best apple ever! I’m sure it wasn’t just because it was a free range, I’ll-grow-where-ever-I-want apple…it was that much sweeter because of the lengths he went to retrieve it for me. And because the rest of the perfect day in which it was nestled. It’s little things like that I’m truly thankful for.

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