Starfish and World Gratitude Day

Today is World Gratitude Day! Of course, I didn’t really know that until this morning, so that makes this post all the more special. I was on Facebook last night, just seeing what everyone was up to…maybe playing a game or two, and I saw a wonderful status from a friend that really made me stop and think.

Isn’t that beautiful? I don’t think we slow down and remember that enough…much less take the time to tell other people in our lives the affect they truly have on us. I just loved that…so I clicked to read the other comments and noticed my friend had continued her thought in the comments section. She shared a story that brought tears to my eyes. Now, for those of you who really know me, you know that calling me emotional is a huge understatement…huge. I can easily go from a smile to a torrential downpour in less than a second.
Which leads me to this aside: I love star fish. They make me happy and sad all rolled up into one, and I can’t explain it. I think it is because they are usually so small and fragile, but their little arms always look so happy. Like they are jumping for joy or something. So…I love star fish., Frederico Stevanin
Now…back on topic. The comment my Facebook friend shared got me, and then the little story she posted underneath totally unleashed the tears. I felt so connected to the little girl in the story, I couldn’t hold back the water works and I became a blubbering wet mess. That is not an exaggeration. I cried like someone took my best friend away! So, of course, I had to make a page about it. It was just what I needed to read at the time. We all make a difference, no matter how small our actions….
I made this with edits to a photobucket image. The fonts are Jellyka St. Andrews Queen and Garamond.
I hope this parable touched you as much as it touched me. I kept starfish around me before because they reminded me to smile. Now I have more reasons for my little friends…they remind me daily that I do make a difference. No matter how small my contributions may be… I make a difference. And today is the perfect day to say that is what I’m thankful for.

5 thoughts on “Starfish and World Gratitude Day

  1. this is so awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us. I have always loved starfish and now even more so. Hope you are having a great weekend and thanks for reading my blog. Yours is pretty cool too!

  2. Thank you Paula! It really touched me and I just had to share. I am so glad you love starfish too 🙂 They are little reminders to slow down and be present in every single moment. I would LOVE to see Grand Bahama, and the shells and starfish there! Maybe someday! Thanks for your sweet comments and for reading my ramblings! 🙂

  3. This is so beautiful. In the waters around Grand Bahama there are larger starfish that have been a symbol of renewal to me. (Starfish have the ability to regrow an arm if they lose one—it was a comforting thought to remember a few years back when our island was recovering from multiple hurricanes.) Because of your wonderful post they will also remind me of how even small actions can make a difference (and what beauty & grace starfish make in the world just by being!). Thank you.

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