November Desktop Freebie!!!

WOW, I can not believe it’s already November! Well, almost, but close enough! As this posts, I am traveling, so I hope the scheduling system throws me a bone and helps me out. This is the freebie I made for you, and I made the two popular sizes (1024×768 and 1366×768 resolutions). I hope you like it, and thank you for visiting and downloading! I hope your Halloween was amazing, and I pray your November is fabulous…talk to you soon!



Great News!

Ooo la la!! The voting is closed, and the winners of the first Cat Portrait Contest have been announced over at Fifi Flower’s blog…and my baby girl was one of the winners! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! I just love the whimsical style Fifi has, and I couldn’t wait to see the portrait of my sweet Pumpkin. Well, the winning kitties’ portraits are all posted on Fifi’s blog, and I wanted to share them with you!

Aren’t they fabulous? Of course, the one on the left is my Pumpkin! I just love these paintings and I can’t wait to see the note cards when they get here. I smell a frame shopping expedition coming soon!
Thanks to Fifi for having such a fun contest, and congratulations to the other three fabulous felines. Make sure you visit Fifi at her website and explore her galleries, she has so many wonderful paintings for sale! You can also see the before and after process of the cat portraits here. Have fun shopping at her Etsy Shop too! It’s simply fabulous!

Please Help Pumpkin Win!

Hey everyone! I have a favor…you can help my cat Pumpkin win a contest! See, artist Fifi Flowers is having a contest, for cats! She has posted the contestants on her blog and, starting tomorrow, you can go over to the contest post on Fifi’s blog and vote for your favorites! I believe you have to choose six or eight of your favs, because the contest is to choose cats to include in a note card set.

My beautiful baby Pumpkin is Contestant #2, and I’d love if you included her in your favorites. Here’s an example of some of Fifi’s work. I love how whimsical her paintings are!

There are a lot of cuties posted to vote for, and I can’t wait to see makes it into the note card set. Thanks in advance, and good luck to all the other contestants too! I hope I get to see my Pumpkin’s portrait in that note card collection! Fifi has a lot of cool paintings in her shop, and some are of my favorite place…Tybee Island, GA and Mermaid Cottages! Don’t just vote, make sure you check out all of Fifi’s work while you’re there! Thanks again!

For today…October 17th

Outside my window…the sun is going down and it’s getting chilly!

I am wearing…jeans and a long sleeve tee shirt. might have to get a scarf when I head out to pick up my hubby from work!

I am thinking… about my up coming trip to South Carolina. I’m glad I get to see my family for a bit! It’s the airport and the flying alone before I get there that is getting to me!

I am thankful for…my wonderful, loving, sweeter-than-honey hubby. We just celebrated our second wedding anniversary on October 11th! The best 2 years of my life, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

From the kitchen…well, I’m making cookies. I shouldn’t be, because I eat them…yet they are baking as we speak!

I am creating…I finally got around to making the fall memorials for my mom’s headstone today. Yeah, I’d rather it not be memorials, but it was really nice to get back to my flowers again!

I am readingHealing Mind, Healthy Woman: using the Mind-Body Connection to Manage Stress and Take Control of Your Life by Alice D. Domar, Ph.D, and Henry Dreher. I just got 49 books at the local library sale though, so who knows what’s next! Gotta love the bag sale! I got all those books for $3!!!

From the learning rooms…I’m still learning to take life one day at a time.

I am hoping… that I am making a difference!

I am hearing…the tv. I love America’s Funniest Home Videos!

I am going…to remember that I am one person and I just can’t please everyone at the same time.

Around the house…the laundry is folded, but not put away. The dishes are washed, but not put away…I think there’s a pattern developing here!

I am remembering…well, trying to remember everything I need to write on my “Going on a Trip” list!

Quote to commit to memory“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” -Buddha

A few plans for the week…gotta mail this package, make sure all the things for my trip are in order. Getting close now!

One of my favorite things…warm homemade chocolate chip cookies and a coffee.

Photo for Thought… this is our first full autumn season here in PA and I am just loving the fall weather! The leaves are just gorgeous here…so I took a stroll and shot some pictures around North East. I hope your fall is beautiful where ever you are!