For Today…November 15th

Outside my window: it is sunny and chilly. Winter is fast approaching, especially since the news just said there will be rain snow mix this weekend.
I am hearing:well, aside from the news, my cat is sitting in the window in front of me purring and enjoying a sun puddle. Best sound ever!
I am wearing: yoga pants and a t-shirt…thinking about a sweater though!
From the kitchen: i had an Activia Peach yogurt (yummy!) and a banana
I am thankful for: life reminding me in little ways everyday to be mindful and present in each moment.
I am going: to have to get a sweater! Then, who knows.
Noticing that: yoga is harder than it looks, but the hardest part is being kind and nonjudgmental to yourself while practicing.
I am reading: My Lobotomy by Howard Dully (a birthday gift and a great book!)
From the learning rooms: My hubby is still doing very well in his school work! As for me, I am trying daily…well, minute by minute actually, to be mindful. I am really trying to be kinder, more patient, and nonjudgmental toward myself. It’s really hard.
On my mind: my grandmother and my family in Florida.
Quote for Thought: “Whenever something negative happens to you, there is a deep lesson concealed within it.” -Eckhart Tolle
One of my favorite things: the moment right after my hubby walking in the door from school or work. I love seeing his smile and getting a great big warm hug!
I’m creating: a new routine. I feel like I need to work on my spiritual and physical self a little before I can do much creative work.
Around the house: the usual to-dos of laundry and dishes of course!
A few plans for the week: taking it day to day, but I am planning to practice with my AM yoga and PM yoga daily for starters.
From my lens: this is just a beautiful picture I found on a positive thoughts website. Sorry I forgot to write down the address. This is very calming isn’t it? Love this!

You can participate in The Daybook too!
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