>For Today…February 20, 2011


Outside my window…the snow has all but melted, though it is still really cold. I remember last year, we didn’t have any snow past the end of February. I love to watch it snow, but right now, I am so ready for warm weather so I can head to the water’s edge in my flip flops.

I am wearing jammies. I think I have come down with the icky sinus funk going around up here.

I am thinking…random thoughts. Warm sunshine, flowers, loved ones, not wasting a moment with those we cherish. 

I am thankful forlife. No matter how hard it gets sometimes. There might be long periods of darkness or down times, but just at my lowest point, there’s a break in the clouds. If even for a second, to remind me to cherish life.

From the kitchen…nothing much today. Being stuffy doesn’t inspire much hunger.

I am creating…slowly. And in spurts. I did actually do some painting this month and got two pieces I am pretty happy with. I’ll share a picture of one of them, made for my hubby as a Valentine gift. The other is for a project of sorts. I had posted a status on my personal Facebook about a handmade exchange. I didn’t get many takers, since the catch was you then had to repost offering your handmade goodies. But I did have one commenter…and if she’s reading this I don’t want her to see her surprise!

Rob’s gift on my easel.

I am reading… well. I started Digging Up Otis by T. Dawn Richard and You’re Not Who You Think You Are by Albert Clayton Gaulden. I usually only do one book at a time, but sometimes, if they are different enough, I read two. These two aren’t really that engaging…so I picked up a Jen Lancaster book at Borders here in town, and LOVE it! Bright Lights, Big Ass is too hilarious and you should go get it. NOW. And while you’re at it, read Jen’s Blog. it’s just as hilarious!

From the learning rooms…I’m learning to give myself time. For some reason, I have this thing in my brain that I have to do a perfect, finished painting in one sitting. yeah, sometimes it takes more time! My hubby is still doing very well in his classes. I still can’t believe it’s been a year since he began and that he graduates in September! Right now, September feels like a lifetime away, but I know it’s just right around the corner. I’m so proud of him!

I am hoping…to figure out what the heck the deal is with my hormones. It’s been going on for a while, but since turning the big 3-0, it seems so much worse. 

I am hearing…a cat purring in her sleep and the best cooking show on PBS, Cooks Country!

I am going…give myself a break…I swear I will. After doing some writing work, I’m going to make a big pot of tea and cuddle up with my cat and my book for the rest of the day.

Around the house…laundry,dishes,general tidying…how does this much crap pile up so quickly?

I am remembering…Rob’s grandmother, known to most of the family as Grandma Great. She passed away this past Tuesday, and the funeral was Saturday. Since we lived in South Carolina, I didn’t see her much. But, the times I did, I enjoyed thoroughly! She was a vibrant spirit that never lost her childlike fun side. Her apple dumplings were out of this world, and she loved everyone she met. We were still about 4 hours away living here in North East, so we didn’t see her much, but when she got sick we planned a trip to see her on Rob’s next day off. She passed before then, so our last visit was the family reunion last September. I am so thankful I could call her family, and that I met and got to know such a wonderful lady. 

Quote to commit to memory… “There are two ways to live your life. One, as if nothing is a miracle. The other, as though everything is a miracle.” ~Albert Einstein

A few plans for the week… well, just getting well is first. I’m not what my family always called “Sick-sick”. I’m that nagging, stuffy, wipe-your-nose-every-two-seconds kind of sick. So resting and lots of fluids for me. I’m sure the housework will still be here in a few days…

One of my favorite things…waking up to see my cat all snuggled up next to me. She is mommy’s precious little snuggle bug!

Photo for Thought…I have to share this picture of Rob and his grandmother from our wedding. I just love the story behind it! See, after the wedding ceremony, the wedding party and the family had to gather for the posed shots before the reception. Well, Grandma Grape (as the younger kids called her) had misplaced her teeth in the flurry of getting ready at the house before the wedding. Rob’s mom had told him about it…they had almost been late looking for them! Well, when it was her turn to stand and smile with Rob, he looked down and said, “I guess you found your teeth!” and she just blushed, then smacked him and said, “Oh, Robbie!” Our fabulous photographer, Brendon Sharpe, caught the moment and we cherish this photo! I thought it was a fitting memory to share in Grandma Peck’s honor. She is greatly missed!

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