Sunshine On my Shoulders…Soon!

I can’t believe October is almost a memory! So much has happened in the last few months, it’s hard to believe I am the same person. The biggest news also happens to be the biggest life change I’ve ever had…yes, even bigger than picking up and moving to Pennsylvania! OK, hold on tight, there’s a lot to tell!

My husband official finished school at the end of September with his Associates of Specialized Technology degree in Bio-medical Equipment Repair! He thoroughly enjoyed his internship with DaVita and really wanted to go after a position with that company, so he put out his resume at the beginning of October and we crossed our fingers.

October 11th came out of nowhere and we were celebrating our third wedding anniversary before we knew it! Animal lovers that we are, we headed to the Erie Zoo for the day, but before we left the house, Rob’s phone rang. It was DaVita! He chatted a moment or three and when he got off the phone, he had the biggest smile on his face! They had scheduled an interview for the following day for a position with their company. Of course, besides spending the day together, there wasn’t a better way we could have though of to celebrate our anniversary!

Fast forward to today and we are packing our lives into boxes to move once again. Why? Well, Rob has been hired for a position with DaVita and we are ecstatic! I can’t pack fast enough either. I have enjoyed Pennsylvania while I have been here, but I have missed my beloved South something awful. The thing I have missed the most (besides my family and friends, of course) is the ocean. We moved here in February of 2010 and I have seen the ocean exactly once during that time…and for only about thirty minutes. That? is unacceptable. Unacceptable I say!

But all that is about to change, because the position Rob was hired for is in beautiful, sunny Florida! We will be moving close enough to Orlando to smell the non-stop fun, and I am super excited. Not only will we be close enough to enjoy the touristy theme parks for a weekend if we choose…THERE’S AN IKEA!!! (Yeah, I’m a shameless Ikea lover, so what?)

The down side is that we aren’t very close to any of our parents or siblings, but I’m trying to remind myself that there are a lot of families in that situation. For goodness sake, think of the traveling military families go through. I’m sure we will be just fine. I am super excited that I will be within about two hours or so of my Florida family members…people I next-to-never get the chance to see! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

So, I suppose that’s it. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The final pages of this chapter of our lives are here, and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter will bring!

The beautiful beach I was lucky enough to see last October in Florida…A year is too long to go without the ocean!

2 thoughts on “Sunshine On my Shoulders…Soon!

  1. Congrats and a Sunny Hello from one of your readers on that Bahama island over there — yep, that's me, waving — just 68 miles east off the coast of South Florida! You're sure choosing a great time of year to move south … it's almost Goldilocks weather season (not too hot, not too cold …. juuust right!). Enjoy and high fives to you and yours from a tropical 'neighbor' and collage/blog/IKEA lover (my hubbie and I fly a short hop to Florida just to shop there sometimes!) Have fun in the sun!

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