March Daybook: Savannah Edition

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March 14, 2013

Outside my window… a beautiful, even though it’s a little chilly, Savannah morning! I am thinking…about what project I need to begin. I feel a painting coming on, but I’m not sure where to start.
I am thankful…for friends. It’s so true that friends are the family you choose. I am so blessed to have a friend who was willing to pick me up, then drive me to South Carolina when I didn’t have another way to make it to see my grandmother on her 86th birthday. Thank you, Deanna!
In the kitchen…I made grits this morning! It’s the first time Mary and Deanna have had what I call REAL Southern grits. They enjoyed them, so breakfast was a success!
I am wearing…jammies! Lay-around-and-be-lazy days are awesome.
I am creating…well, just writing right now. My brain is stewing something up, though.
I am going…nowhere unless I feel like it!
I am wondering… Oh, I am always wondering – well, worrying – about what’s happening next. I try and try to live in the moment, but my pre-planning gene is too active sometimes!
I am reading… Spirited: Unlock Your Psychic Self and Change Your Life by Rebecca Rosen, Samantha Rose
I am hoping… to keep up with my “training”. I found three or four FIRM workouts that I love, so I hope I can keep gaining strength (and eventually see pounds come off. They weren’t kidding; after 30 it’s so much harder!)
I am looking forward to… seeing what else we get into while I’m here in Savannah!
I am learning… to take every single thing moment by moment. Still. You’d think that lesson was easier to grasp.
Around the house…sleeping puppies. It’s so cute when they dream and snore!
I am pondering…nothing deep. Just thinking about another cup of coffee.
A favorite quote for today… “Isn’t it funny how, day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.” ~C.S. Lewis
One of my favorite things…spending time with friends!
A few plans for the rest of the week: The plan this week is to make no plans! It’s a do-whatever kind of thing!
A peek into my day…well, this was from yesterday, but it still made my day. My best friends Deanna and Mary took me up to Aiken, SC for the day so I wouldn’t miss visiting my grandmother for her 86th birthday! Not only did it make my day, but it was the best present they could have given her (her words!). I love this shot of her blowing out her candles. Nothing better than a day full of family and friends!

I will always cherish this shot! She was so happy when I made it to visit for her birthday, and then we were surprised again with a big family crowd for her birthday lunch! She said “I’ve had a wonderful day ever since my feet it the floor!”


Welcoming the New Year!

Welcome, 2013!

The New Year is always a crazy time of change for me for some reason. Some of it might be the sudden halt we skid to after the build up of the holidays ever since October. I suspect the rest of it is the huge anticipation of the year to come, not to mention looking back on what I may not have accomplished.

We always put so much pressure on ourselves to stick to resolutions! I haven’t officially made any, but you know I have things in mind I want to change, make better, learn…insert any word you want there, really. SO, instead of stressing (like I am usually prone to do) I decided to start my blogging year off with The Simple Woman’s Daybook; it always makes me slow down and appreciate the little things. (If you want to participate, make sure you click the link!)

FOR TODAY – January 2, 2012

Outside my window… it’s already getting dark! I can’t believe how late it feels, but I’m glad it isn’t cold. I am so thankful I moved to Florida!

I am thinking… I am really hard on myself, even though I am better than I used to be. Why is it so hard to be nice to yourself?

I am thankful…for my loving husband, Rob. It doesn’t matter what is going on in my day, he always knows just what to do to make me feel better. That means the world to me.

In the kitchen…thawing out some chicken for dinner. I don’t know how I’m going to top Rob’s BBQ grilled pork chops from yesterday though!

I am wearing…my jammies, still. Ah, the luxuries of being a house wife, huh? Yeah, I don’t do it every day, so don’t judge!

I am creating… undue anxiety for myself. I always feel pushed to get paintings started so they will be closer to a finish point. I always rush myself to learn new things faster than humanly possible. This year, I will really work on allowing myself to be human.

I am going… to keep on trying, even if I don’t get it right the first time. Or the fifth. Everyone was a beginner at some point.

I am wondering… which project to start first!

I am reading… Discover Your Psychic Type by Sherrie Dillard and Spirited by Rebecca Rosen

I am hoping… to find being more assertive easier than I anticipate.

I am looking forward to… learning more about my new camera. I’ve only had it since Christmas, so I’m being too hard on myself about not knowing everything I think I should.

I am learning… to give myself time and space. I’m also learning to slow down and teach myself that I don’t have to finish a project in one day, or do something “right the first time.” It’s hard to remember that life is about learning, so mistakes happen.

Around the house…ugh. I have post holiday clean up waiting on me. Why does laundry multiply exponentially during the holidays?

I am pondering…which photography course to take first. I’m pretty excited about starting this new journey! If you have a suggestion, please share!

A favorite quote for today… Those who wish to sing always find a song. ~Swedish Proverb

One of my favorite things… a warm cup of French Vanilla coffee on the couch with my cats snuggled around me. Nothing much better than that!

A few plans for the rest of the week: in an effort to live in the moment, I’m not going to make any hard plans!

A peek into my day…  I’m learning how to do some interesting things with my new camera. I love the Bokeh effect, so I tried and tried, and I think I finally got the basics down! Now if I could just get my beach pictures in focus…

August 2nd Daybook Thoughts

FOR TODAY – August 2, 2012
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Outside my window…it’s partly sunny and I’ve been enjoying the butterfly that has decided to show love to my Parade roses. I always feel like my mom is visiting when I get to see a butterfly.

I am thinking… why must people hold so much hate? Just treat others how you would like to be treated, people! It might sound childish, but it’s as simple as that.

I am thankful… for all the loving, supportive people I am blessed to have in my life. You know who you are, and thank you. If you think it isn’t you? You’re probably wrong. Thank you (yes you) for being in my life.

In the kitchen… yummy gluten free chocolate cake is calling my name.

I am wearing… my favorite over sized, long sleeve t-shirt and cotton gauchos. Bumming it today!

I am creating… fanciful things in my head! I have a few projects I need to get rolling. Namely, a birthday card and a new painting.

I am going… to have to give in and have a piece of cake.

I am wondering… why we can’t all just get along.

I am reading… The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, pretty much because I’d like to say I have read it when the movie comes out in December. It was one of my favorite cartoon movies when I was little. Right up there with The Last Unicorn!

I am hoping… I can just be the best me I can be, and that touches even one person at some point in a positive way.

I am looking forward to… oddly enough, that piece of cake. Haha!

I am learning… continually, patience and tolerance.

Around the house… I actually finished up my chores BEFORE sitting down! Somehow, dishes multiply while you are out of the kitchen. I think dishes are secretly like rabbits.

I am pondering… what to paint next. So many things in my brain!

A favorite quote for today… Just going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than just standing in a garage makes you a car.  This can go for any religion, and is right in line with Religion doesn’t make you a better person, you actions make you a better person. Treat people the way you’d want them to treat you, people! You get what you give!

One of my favorite things… cat feet. My little Charlie Bug has the most precious jellybean-like toes. Squee!

A few plans for the rest of the week: I want to get a new painting started, I need to put my toes in the ocean, and I need to make time for meditation every day, no matter what!

A peek into my day… my sweet Charlie Bug didn’t want to cooperate and share he toes today. But here’s her favorite nap position!

Charlie Bug decided she didn’t want to share he toes, but here’s her belly!

For Today, August 3rd

Wow, is it really August? Already? I just can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was taking down the Christmas decorations and making sure I had plenty of blankets out to buffer against the cold wind blowing in through the cracks in this old house. Summer seems to have flown right past me this year! Sure, it’s still plenty warm enough outside here in Pennsylvania, but the way this year is flying by, it’ll be cold again before I know it. I mean really…there are only four months until December! That sort of puts things into perspective…

So much has happened in the past few week, and I have definitely been super slack about getting around to my personal passions. I know life sometimes gets demanding, but I feel so out of touch lately with myself. I really can’t wait for the tides of life to leave something new in the sand at my feet. I can feel things coming! My hubby graduated last month! It seemed so far away last year, when we picked up everything and moved to Pennsylvania for him to return to school. Now, I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. He’s starting his internship in the coming days, and after that, we have the whole world ahead of us. There’s no telling where we could end up since he will be looking for a position in his new field. It has been difficult not to hope that we can return to my beloved South Carolina. Pennsylvania is beautiful, but it certainly hasn’t been home. One thing I learned from my first-ever huge move was that I am Southern to the core…and always will be. I know our future location will be up in the air, but I can’t help but hope I land somewhere near home. Hopefully near the ocean.

It feels good to get back to writing for myself again. I have missed this outlet, and I am resolving right now to make more time for it, which means making more time for myself. The best way I could think of to start is by sharing a Daybook entry! I love The Simple Woman’s Daybook. Doing an entry really helps you slow down, take a moment, and really be present in the here and now…

Outside my window… the sun is coming and going. Mostly going. We certainly need some rain around here though, so bring on the showers!

I am thinking…about the future. Yeah I know, I should try not to do that so much since I tend to worry and freak out, but I can’t help it. Honestly, I am trying a new approach to it. I’m consciously making a choice to release strict plans and try to be more open to whatever the universe has coming to me.

I am thankful…for my supportive, loving husband. I don’t know how I got so lucky. He truly supports me and encourages me no matter what. If you look up perfect husband in the dictionary, you’ll find his picture. I am thankful for him every second of every day!

From the learning rooms…life is a learning room around here these days! My hubby graduated in July and I am so proud, I can’t find the words to express it. We are both learning daily that life only gets better when you are lucky enough to spend it with your best friend. I can’t imagine facing the future without him.

In the kitchen…blueberries, blueberries, and more blueberries! We can’t get enough of the amazingly huge blueberries from our local Conn’s Blueberry Farm. We’ve been three times this season to pick. It’s a good thing you aren’t literally what you eat, because we’d both have turned into giant blueberries by now! We’re going again Thursday and can’t wait!

I am wearing…yoga pants and a t-shirt. Hopefully, they will inspire me to work out more than being in jeans, hehe!

I am creating…a whole lotta nothing right now. Life got the best of me, but I plan to get back on my creative streak as soon as possible. Starting with writing, right?

I am going…to resolve to make more time for the things I love. Work, even if it is part time, feels like it has taken over around here! I have to make myself realize that my art isn’t just a hobby, it’s my passion. And, as my passion, it is just as important (if not more so) than things that might hold me back.

I am wondering…if I have the nerve to step out and risk it.

I am readingDuma Key by Stephen King. You should be too.

I am hoping…that everything works out for the best.

I am looking forward to…what is ahead. I have a feeling September and October are going to be big around here!

I am hearing…three sleeping cats. I just love that one sort of snores and the other two purr on their exhales. A napping cat is the picture of perfect relaxation.

Around the house…chore have piled up again. Is it weird I miss doing them? I am so ready to dig in now that I have an afternoon or two free to actually spend time on our nest.

I am pondering…this quote from one of my go-to inspirational books, Fit from Within: “Forever and next weekend can take care of themselves. You take care of today.”

One of my favorite things…hearing my little Charlie Bug’s sing-song meow as she plays with her all time favorite toy – her pink milk jug ring. Yeah…she has loads of toys and her favorite is a free piece of plastic. She always gets a look of sheer bliss when she walks around the house with it in her mouth. Silly kitty…

A few plans for the rest of the week… Well, I am trying not to make too many. The general plan will be to get work done early so I can do at least one or two chores, then at least one thing for myself each day.

Picture for thought… I have had SO much going on! Here’s a storyboard of just a few things that happened in the past month!

I used an awesome Template by Allison Kimball for this layout!

Thanks for stopping by, and if you made it this far, thanks for sticking with me! I really appreciate your visit!

>For Today…May 27th

>It has been far too long since I blogged. I can’t believe it, and I am going to strive to make it not be this long ever again! I have got to start taking time for me! So, the perfect way to focus and be present in the moment is the Simple Woman’s Daybook. Make sure you visit the blog to participate yourself!

Outside my window…the rain has stopped, but I think it may return.

I am thinking… that being positive is the hardest thing on Earth to do most of the time. Why is that?

I am thankful for…my home and family. A lot of people have lost it all in the last few weeks and I know how blessed I am to have a roof, my family, and the things I love around me.

From the learning rooms…the end of school is drawing ever closer for my hubby. I’ll be glad when he finishes because he works so hard at school and work. It’s like having two full time jobs. He’s burned out most of the time and I don’t know how to help. I’ll be very happy for the change and the new things (hopefully) coming after graduation.

From the kitchen…more coffee. Yes, that addition is hard to break! It’s like a warm hug from a friend -something I could really use right now.

I am wearing…jeans and a sweatshirt. No matter how it tries, the weather can’t quite shack off the cool temperatures around here! Get with the program PA weather…it is almost June!

I am creating…well, that’s a loaded question! I have been painting and drawing, but I have also been working on the behind-the-scenes efforts of opening an Etsy shop. Why must fun things be made so difficult by taxes and licenses. So discouraging!

I am going… to take it minute by minute and one day at a time. It’s all I can do.

I am reading… Duma Key by Stephen King. Wonderful so far, but it is making me more and more aware of how much I miss the ocean.

I am hoping… things won’t stay this hard for much longer.

I am hearing…my new kittens making thunder upstairs. So full of energy!

Around the house…same old stuff, different day. So many chores but I put my personal stuff behind other business. Sigh…

One of my favorite things… how soft and warm Charlie and Bean (my new little girl and little boy) are when they beg to be cuddled. They’ve only been here a month and already I’m wrapped around their little paws.♥

A few plans for the rest of the week… see “I am going…”! I’m going to breathe and take things one day at a time.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… my sweet babies, Charlie and Bean. the story behind Charlie’s name is this: we were told she was a boy, but upon further investigation when we made it home…she was definitely a girl. Charlie really has a rambunctious, tom-boy like personality, so the name still fits her very well! Bean is the sweetest momma’s boy ever, with a curious streak a mile wide! They make me laugh when nothing else can. ♥

Charlie and Bean, our brand new babies…11 weeks old now!

>For Today…April 7th


Outside my window…the day has faded to night and the traffic light is blinking at me from the corner.

I am wearing torn up jeans and a tee, did more painting today!

I am thinking… how wonderful it is to have family and friends that support your dream. You know who you are, and I love you!

I am thankful for well, see above!!

From the kitchen… hmm. Wasn’t thinking about it until I read that! Now I’m hungry.

I am creating… every day. I don’t have to finish the project or painting, it’s the process. Creating makes me feel alive and happy. It’s my drug and I love it!

I am reading… Duma Key by Stephen King. It’s really making me miss the beach.

From the learning rooms…my hubby had a speech today in class! I wish I could have seen him, but I know that would make him nervous. I am SO proud of him, especially for his speech class. I can not tell you enough how much I fear/loath/avoid-at-all-costs speaking in public…or large groups of people. Ok, pretty much any social situation.

I am hoping…I can keep this train on the tracks!

I am hearing… the TV, both my and my hubby’s typing. Yeah, we’re that couple.

I am going…to take this one day at a time. I deserve this!

Around the house…laundry,dishes,general tidying…and creating, though I wouldn’t call that a chore! 

I am remembering…to tell myself that I AM worth it, I AM valuable, and I DO deserve good things. I shouldn’t be so hard to believe that stuff, right?

Quote to commit to memory… “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ~Gandhi   ….and I am SO working on that!

A few plans for the week… getting some necessary things out of the way so I can get more paint on my hands and in my hair!

One of my favorite things…spending a lazy afternoon with my hubby ♥

Photo for Thought… Today was beautiful, and warm enough to go check out the lake, post-winter. Since the weather is warming up, but the water hasn’t, there was an odd ring of fog surrounding town all day. It was clear and beautiful right in town, but by the lake, a defined wall of fog. We walked along the water, so I decided to take a shot or two. 
     Also, I finished a mixed media piece today that I was pretty excited about., so I’ll share that too! Thanks for stopping by my blog, have a great night!
You can usually see for miles and miles, but today, you couldn’t see the water until you were right up on the edge!
There’s still some ‘burgs in the lake, and the birds were taking advantage!
Find Magic, original mixed media (by me!) on 5×7 art board.

>For Today…March 29th

>     It feels so good to have a minute for myself, to sit down and round up my thoughts! I think I may have only blogged once this entire month, not counting today, and that is not OK for me. I really need to carve out more time for myself.
     I have been trying to do just that as far as my art! It feels amazing to be creatively active again on canvas, and I have big plans coming up, if I can work out the logistics. It’s such an exciting time for me right now when I stop to think about it. I’m painting again, my hubby graduates in six months with his degree in Biomedical Electronics, which means we are that much closer to finding another place to move as he applies for placement in his new career…no wonder I feel so wobbly. I don’t know about you, but the change of seasons, coupled with daily life occurrences,  always makes me feel like I’m in a tailspin. Meh…that could just be my weird mind at work too, though. Who knows!
     I thought this would be a great time to start my Daybook up again. you know, sometimes a list to fill out gets the creative juices flowing. It’s sort of like meditating. It gives your mind something to focus on! So, with no further ado, here’s my March daybook:

Outside my window…it is bright and sunny, finally! A bit misleading since it is only 26°F out today! I can’t wait for warm weather…

I am wearing torn up jeans and a tee. Getting ready to paint!

I am thinking… short term. I need to live more in the moment and not worry about tomorrow. While those close to me know, I never stop worrying, trying to just think moment to moment is getting easier all the time. 

I am thankful for my loving, supportive husband. I can’t say it enough! I’m also super proud of him for his hard work in school. My A student is really going places!

From the kitchen… coffee! French Vanilla, you are my warm and comforting friend.

I am creating… again! It feels wonderful. I have a process,which really is a moody one, but as long as I keep plodding forward in the process, I always work it out! I love mixed media, so I’m trying to get more into that realm as much as I can.

I am readingDuma Key by Stephen King. Thought I’d give this one my free time since it’s about a painter! I just finished Bright Lights, Big Ass by Jen Lancaster. You simply must pick up one or all of her books. She is so hilarious! Oh, and follow her blog. Do it now!

From the learning rooms… my hubby is on the cusp of his next school term! After this next term, he starts his extern-ship, and we are super duper excited about the wonderful company he will be working with! 

I am hoping…I can make my plans a reality soon. I don’t want to jinx it, so no hints right now.

I am hearing… The Bold & The Beautiful. Yeah, guilty pleasure. I grew up watching that and The Young and the Restless with my mom. I like to watch them…feels like girlie time with my mom. Is that weird?

I am going…have a great day today. I will, I will, I will!

Around the house…laundry,dishes,general tidying…repeat. 

I am remembering…taking time for me is not a luxury. We all got that idea somewhere along the way, and it isn’t true. Taking time for yourself is so important for your mental health. Believe me, I know!

Quote to commit to memory… “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” ~Gandi

A few plans for the week… finish up this piece on the easel and start at least one more, then just general duties about the house (made easier because we got the dryer replaced! Yay clean laundry!)

One of my favorite things…glue and paper on canvas!

Photo for Thought…I have been so excited about painting again. I’ve been a busy bee, so I thought I’d share. I don’t really have a theme, I just paint things I love or that I feel drawn to at the moment. Anyhow, these are what I have been up to since February!
I did a portrait of a good friend’s cat, Bandit, then went out on a limb with an abstract. I then painted one of my favorite places in the world, The Angel Oak in Charleston, SC.

     Thanks for stopping by today! If you want to participate in The Simple Woman’s Daybook, head on over to the site and get to writing. If you don’t blog, but love reading, you can read other women’s daybook entries there, too. Enjoy and have a wonderful day!